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How It Works

ABLE’s Reading Solution is based upon the learning principles of Stimulus, Response, Reward, and Repetition.

The 4 R’s of ABLES’s Reading Solutionare:

  • Response – The material is divided into modules and within each module the material is carefully divided into segments called frames. Each frame presents the student with a problem to solve. Unlike ordinary texts, every student must actively respond by choosing between words, filling missing letters, or checking correct statements. In this way, the student’s attention is focused on the particular concept being taught. They learn to observe carefully, and through the use of functional pictures, to discriminate precisely.
  • Reward – Immediately after a student makes a response, they learn if their answer is correct. Since the program is designed to insure 95% success rate, students are constantly rewarded. We all know the value of a psychological ‘pat on the back’ to give students both confidence and enthusiasm for reading.
  • Repetition – Students are given the opportunity to respond numerous times in each module. Each concept is repeated several times, in different contexts. to insure mastery and retention.
  • Rate – Students learn to read at their own pace without the frustration of either constantly waiting for, or holding up, other students in the class. Since a great deal of time is working independently, students develop self-reliance and confidence.