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The Features of ABLE’s Reading Solution are:

  • The vocabulary is strictly controlled in a linguistic progression of sound-symbol relationships, teaching students to blend the sounds of letters so they can read words immediately.
  • The programmed format of the modules require numerous active responses from every student, many more than traditional reading-to-learn programs.
  • Immediate feedback is provided so that only correct answers are practiced.
  • Frequent repition ensures 95% of learners make correct responses 95% of the time.
  • Bright students are never bored and weaker students never feel inadequate. Each finds reading rewarding and fun; they learn to solve problems using their own abilities; and, they take responsibility for their own learning.

The Benefits of ABLE’s Reading Solution are:

  • With ABLE’s Reading approach, students find that the learning capacity is great and their appetite for reading is enormous, In fact, it is not unusual for students to gain several grade levels of reading skills in on year.
  • Students are always involved in the learning process.
  • Their decoding/comprehension skills are constantly checked.
  • They can proceed at their own rate.
  • They experience continued success.
  • They only practice correct responses.