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Remedial Reading

The ABLE’s Reading Solution has several components that make it exceptionally effective as a remedial reading tool.

Students who have fallen behind need more than just extra time working on reading skills. By the time these students have been designated as needing remedial help they have had so many negative experiences associated with learning to read that they tend to have an aversion to reading in general.

What is needed for these students is an ongoing experience of success. ABLE’s Reading Solution provides this experience. When using the program the student reads then responds by answering a question about what has just been read and then gets immediate feedback on their answer.

The ABLE’s Reading Solution is designed so that 95% of the time the student’s answer is correct.

The second component of the ABLE’s Reading Solution that makes it an effective remedial reading tool is the student works independently.

Part of a students aversion to reading is looking bad to someone else. This is not even an issue because works the student works independently without the need for a teacher/ facilitator.

The students work at their own pace so no matter their ability they have an experience of continuous success.