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Home Schools

There is a growing segment of the American population that is turning away from public education in favor of teaching their children at home.

ABLE’s Reading Solution is a perfect fit for Home Schoolers. The 1.6 million home school families in the US now have access to a proven and extensively researched successful reading program. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Proven and Effective reading program – Over 5 million students have successfully used Program Reading in the USA, the research results show that it is effective with all types of students, no matter their ability, social economic background or ethnic origins.
  • Ease of Use – Students can work independently without the need for a dedicated teacher or program facilitator, they use technology with which they are familiar and there is no need to carry heavy and expensive books and teacher aids with them.
  • Availability – 7 days a week 24 hours a day so that it can fit into any teaching schedule.
  • Mobility – As a web-based subscription service, learning can continue anywhere where internet connectivity is available, at home, in the car, on vacation, overseas, at Grandma’s, and from any computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone -‘I’ve left my homework at home’ is no longer an issue.
  • Cost – A low monthly fee provides your students with access, there is no high initial cost to begin using ASD’s On-line Reading.

According to the NPIN Virtual Library, there are 675,000.families in the U.S. home schooling their children and that segment has been growing 15% each year.

This is a well organized community that has several publications dedicated to the exchange of information on new products and innovations.

ABLE’s Reading Solution will make it easy for the children of these concerned parents to acquire reading proficiency. Students are assessed in minutes and immediately directed to activities at their optimum instruction level.

Students work at their own pace that, step by step building their basic reading proficiency in a format where the student experiences continued success and positive reinforcement.

The ABLE’s Reading Solution allows the parent-teacher to work with other children or prepare other lesson plans knowing that the student working on the computer is doing meaningful work.