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English Language Learners

There are 10.5 million families in the US where English is not spoken as the primary language, this number is increasing at 23% per year.

The unique design of ABLE’s Reading Solution allows students of these families to complete lessons in their own native language while leading to read English. (see note below).

The technology virtually eliminates the need to employ bilingual translators in the classroom and allows teachers to successfully lead classrooms of students with multiple different native speakers, all using the same reading program.

Teachers can easily track, monitor and support students using the same proven reading program.

Students learn names of the letters of the alphabet, letter sounds and punctuation in their native language which provides them with a foundation to begin to learn to read English.

Note: English is currently available; Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Classic Arabic, and Portuguese are planned for 2015. (Other languages may be available upon request)

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