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Children with Disabilities

The ABLE’s Reading Solution has several components that make it an exceptionally effective tool for teaching students with disabilities to read English and learn other skills needed in the workplace. Students with disabilities usually have fallen behind and need extra time working on their reading skills. They often have many negative experiences associated with conventional learning programs, and can be reluctant to chance failure again.

What is needed for these students is the ongoing experience of success and that is what the ABLE’s Reading Solution provides. When using the program the student reads then responds by answering a question about what they have just read. They then get immediate feedback on their answer.

The ABLE’s Reading Solution is designed so that 95% of the time the student’s answer is correct. The student experiences success after success as a user. Another component of ABLE’s Reading Solution which makes it an effective educational tool for students with disabilities is that the students work online independently. The program is available 24/7 from any internet connection for the convenience of the user. They do not need a teacher / facilitator there with them, so they can work at their own pace

ABLE uses an organization of information system we call “chaining.” The “chaining” format is built into the ABLE’s Reading Solution and can be adapted for workplace skills and knowledge the student will need for specific jobs. Video clips, diagrams, or instruction manuals with interactive questions can be reviewed by the student as often as needed independently without looking bad to someone else.

No matter the student’s ability or disability, they have an experience of continued success working with the ABLE’s Reading Solution.